Sustainability, our mission

Clothing, fourth-most harmful sector in the world

Sustainable Ghodo

The clothing sector is the fourth most environmentally harmful sector, after construction, transport, and food.

25% of insecticides and 10% of pesticides in the world are used to grow conventional cotton.

Our Vision

When we propose the slogan "Wear the Freedom", we truly believe it. The Ghodo project was born from young artists, whose ultimate goal is, as far as possible, to reduce the negative effects caused by man on earth. We believe that a collective effort for sustainability can lead to a change of trajectory aimed at recreating and preserving a green and healthy planet. You see? "Freedom".


kg of plastic fall every year
into our oceans.


plastic bottles are manufactured
in America every years.


it is the time that a synthetic garment
uses to decompose.

Cotone vestiti ecofriendly

We Carefully Choose
Our Raw Materials

Eco-friendly Cotton Fabric

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used in the clothing and home sector, and Italy is one of the producers of the highest quality 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is wonderful in many respects, it is a natural fiber capable of decomposing quickly, the production of which, however, involves a considerable expenditure of non-renewable and polluting energies. It also requires extensive use of pesticides and insecticides, a large amount of land and water to grow it and resources to process it. Not the cotton used by Ghodo: our cotton is grown without the use of chemicals aggressive and harmful, guaranteeing non-pollution of the soil and the health of farmers and agricultural communities, and reducing the risk of contaminating the aquifer.

Why it's important

When you choose to help reduce the negative effects of the global clothing industry, and in this case, cotton, you choose to guarantee the quality of the soil, water, and the common good. Cotton grown for renewable and natural means can become the new standard, but it is all in the hands of consumers and producers to make this possible..

We Base Our Business on Recycling
and Daily Reuse

As there is not yet a perfect and definitive solution for Eco-Sustainable packaging, we have decided to make ours as minimal as possible. Your Ghodo are protected by a thin layer of recycled plastic, which, through a process of removing the air inside, acquires resistance and thus avoids breaking. We considered choosing a biodegradable paper or cardboard packaging, but we opted for recycled plastic because we believe that the planet now needs to dispose of and reuse the one already produced and in circulation. Moreover, paper and cardboard would end up in waste, without ever having the possibility of degradation in nature. Reinventing to save the trees, was our choice.

iniziative di preservazione