Passion - High manufacturing


Behind Ghodo a young and united team works, always passionate about yarns and knitwear, who have studied in depth fabrics for a number of years.

Guiding it in the realization of the project is the passion for the research of noble and natural raw materials, and of artisan workshops where professional tailors give life to original and high-quality garments. The quality of the products is one of the most important pillars of Ghodo which, for this reason, is always looking for pure cotton fabrics that follow sustainable production systems to fertilize the soil and that eliminate the use of pesticides and chemicals, toxic fertilizers. and persistent in the cotton itself and in the environment.


Ethical and Artisan Production

Attention to detail distinguishes all our garments, which are carefully handcrafted by the expert hands of our tailors. Their skillful dexterity and speed in sewing and treating the different fabrics allows us to produce a good number of pants in a relatively short time. Our collaborators are young, reliable and always open to suggestion, a talent that allows them to improve themselves in work and in life. We are a great team that is similar to a family where we help and support each other to achieve ever-higher goals.


Ours is an ethical and artisanal production, it wants to promote a more sustainable clothing idea. Our goal is to create recognizable clothes and accessories that manage to express every creativity. All this takes place in total respect for the environment and the team that works to make them.


Our team is made up of elements of different nationalities; in fact, internationality is another of Ghodo's fundamental pillars: only inclusiveness can lead to a resilient future from an economic and social point of view. Acting in this sense, a proactive collaboration was started with Thai craftsmen who like us want to experiment and get involved. From the comparison of these two cultures, as different as they are similar, a constant and continuous exchange at a creative and cultural level leads to the renewal of the styles, design and above all the materials used. Ghodo is, therefore, the result of the union of these young artists who have found friends as well as collaborators.

Why us?

Our customers choose us because they recognize the value of the authenticity of the product. Being handmade, each garment differs slightly from the other, increasing its uniqueness. They rely on us because we guarantee high quality and handcrafted items far removed from industrial ones, produced in series and offered by many other brands on the market.

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