Men's Wide Pants - Summer Outfit 2021

If you're looking for an easy way to create a casual summer look, men's harem pants are a great option to choose

Harem pants are back in vogue in men's fashion, after the success of jeans and fancy pants. The trend has started and the reason is easy to understand: any type of shoe - whether sporty or classic - enhances its style and originality. The wide men's pants reflect the taste and personality of the wearer.

If you are looking for an easy way to create a casual look this season, men's harem pants are a good alternative. Prefer a model with a lightweight fabric, such as cotton, the fit is just right and will enhance your style and appearance. You can use them like any item in your wardrobe!

Pantalone Largo Uomo Harem Pants

A casual look with men's wide pants - comfortable and cool.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to wear these in a modern and elegant way, remember that they have a big impact on their own. It is not recommended to match bright colors or prints, but it is better to opt for a neutral design. Take a cue on other websites, pair the garment with a classic t-shirt. 

In this way, you are already halfway through the work and have the possibility to combine them with practically everything you already own. And to make it even more casual, try wearing them with a white shirt or t-shirt. Dare to wear them with a white shirt or t-shirt, but always keep in mind not to overdo it!

What shoes should you wear with these pants?

The problem to solve is still that of the shoes to use: how to create an outfit that is in line with the style? Investigating the origin of these pants can be of great help and support: in fact, the other great feature that influences Eastern countries in clothing is the climate. For this reason, they prefer flat, heelless, breathable shoes, normally made of soft and light leather or fabric.

The combination of these two elements will result in a great casual look for your summer!

The history of men's wide pants

Until recently, wide-leg pants were little considered in the designers' collections. If they became part of them it was simply because they enjoyed challenging the male world.

Today the situation is different, wide-leg pants are on the catwalks all over the world. They are the undisputed representatives of a bold and out-of-line clothing line. But how were they seen and judged in different contexts at fashion shows until a few years ago? They were described as an unacceptable violation of trouser conduct, not appreciated by the population.

But from today you can go back to training every day in the gym and increase muscle mass! With wide pants, you can stop spraining your ankle by trying to get into your tight jeans.

The advantages of Harem pants

Once used just to relax, wide pants are now worn by K-pop stars and some of the coolest celebrities in the world. They have become very popular thanks to their casual and alternative look. Wide at the hips, soft at the top of the thighs and tapered at the calf level, these pants enjoy numerous tailored advantages:

  • They go well with most of your wardrobe.
  • You can wear them low at the hips, waist, or even higher, and the cuffs don't necessarily have to hit the ankles.
  • They are made with an elastic waistband, which allows plenty of room for maneuver in the size department.
  • They are original, versatile, and make your wardrobe flexible: perfect in summer, spring, and even early autumn.
  • Wearing them you will be fashionable without sacrificing comfort!

Pantalone Largo Uomo Harem Pants

Who gets the most out of wearing this kind of pants?
Short guys, men with wide hips or athletic types with muscular thighs will find them particularly flattering thanks to their large fit. Actually, wide harem pants fit most body shapes, making them a versatile and always fashionable garment.

Here are some tips for mastering men's wide pants on all occasions!

Who says that wide pants can't replace the classic cigarette pants? Give it a try: wear a pair made of durable and breathable fabric, the model that suits you best. Match it with a short jacket and a T-shirt, or a sweater or a tight-fitting shirt. Finish with black socks that cover the ankles and you're done!

Pantalone Largo Uomo con giacca in pelle

Hip-hop dancing, parkour, skateboarding, yoga, gym workout - wide harem pants are great for these activities. Simply choose the model and pattern you like best and combine them with canvas sneakers with laces or slip-on. Opt for a breathable, stretchy, and lightweight fabric like cotton or Tetoron blends.

The wide pants are perfect for spending time at the beach, picnics, or during outdoor music festivals. Contrast the width of the pants with a tank top or plain T-shirt and add sandals. With a beer in hand, great music, and good friends, you're ready for summer!

If you haven't tried the hippie solution to match your wide summer pants, you're missing a day in comfort. Especially during a festival, where you need to be as comfortable as possible without sacrificing style, these pants can save your day.

The perfect accessories to match

T-shirts - Festivals make the character and personality of those who participate shine. The t-shirts you choose must complement the pants and give them value. A black or white T-shirt is great because it allows you to combine a variety of accessories. You can also decide on a colored plain or printed t-shirt, which will intensify the effect of your outfit even more.

Pantalone Largo Uomo Harem Pants

Accessories - Without spending too much money, you can enrich your look with stylish, elegant, and stylish accessories. In addition to the various leather and steel bracelets, which are beautifully matched to this outfit, you can think of necklaces, rings, and watches. Whether they cover the neck and chest, wrists and ankles, or fingers and toes, everyone must help maintain the hippy spirit of your harem pants.

Streetwear represents the most fashionable fashion of the moment and refers to urban, casual, and above all sportswear. It is a mix of popular subcultures that gives life to extremely original, fashionable, and trendy outfits that personalize every look. Thanks to streetwear shops and other online shops, which offer men's hip hop pants, rap clothing, underground clothing, urban clothing, streetwear shoes, etc., everyone can customize and create their favorite outfit according to their tastes and preferences.

How was Streetwear born? Contaminations and derivations of this new fashion

Streetwear has its roots in the skater and surfer outfits of the 1980s, only to be contaminated by hip hop, punk, and sportswear. One example of this is basketball player Michael Jordan, who started a line of shoes and clothes from the basketball courts projected onto the streets, turning into everyday clothing. The trend for young people up to thirty years of age to dress large and wide was born, which promotes a casual and practical style but also suitable for elegant and formal situations. Streetwear is a worldwide phenomenon that brings together all young people, from London to Milan, from Tokyo to New York.

Today streetwear is a kind of clothing and lifestyle, which has many facets within it. Harem pants fall into one of these subcategories, because they are for young people, they are abundant and satisfy those who lead a dynamic life. In fact, they allow you to move freely, they are original but at the same time irresistibly comfortable.

Being comfortable without sacrificing style will no longer be a problem thanks to these little tips and your wide harem pants.