Transparency, our principle

Dedication and Love, our Values

Ghodo Trasparente

Our products would not exist
if we didn't share with all our partners around the world,
our values, such as dedication and love.

Certified production

In Ghodo - we operate on two lines. One in Italy, the other in Thailand. We believe that the conditions governing the production of our garments are important, therefore we ask our partners to respect a strict code of conduct. Through the latter, we guarantee that production is not harmful and always safe, that fair and legal wages are respected, that working hours are sustainable and that there is no exploitation of minors. Our partners are certified on these points.

Ethically produced
in Thailand

Our Avenue and Dapper collection is ethically produced in Thailand. Our trusted Thai partner promotes ethical production that includes adequate wages for employees, takes into account working hours and overtime, health insurance and workplace safety.

So why Thailand?

The choice to have a production branch in Thailand is not due to monetary savings, producing in Italy has a slightly higher price, but it is an investment aimed at supporting the local population. Thailand in the past decade has been targeted by strong western tourism, the number of visits received has grown exponentially year after year. The population was not ready for such a huge invasion of tourists. All this in 2017 led to an evident phenomenon of over-tourism, which is still destroying local traditions, the principles of the people and the total ecosystem. The only way to support Thailand is to invest in its companies, to bring economy to the country while remaining outside its land. This is the reality of our choice.
Another reason, which convinced us to invest in Thailand, is that it is implementing numerous initiatives, such as the production of clean energy and the production of recycled fabric, in favor of environmental sustainability. Most clothing brands in Europe and the United States import raw materials from other continents. Thailand instead has an internal production of fabrics, a point in its favor that allows us to avoid the transport of raw materials to other countries by reducing pollution. The shipment of goods to the world causes most of the pollution related to the world of retail. Ghodo products have a lower environmental impact because our production and sales process is optimized to reduce shipments of materials and products.